The Nuts and Bolts of Repairing

When dismantling and assembling any part of the car, practice the following points. It might seem time consuming but it will save time and possibly money in the long run. Inspect every nut, bolt and part as it is removed, taking note of any damaged threads, a common fault caused by over tightening of bolts is a wasting of the thread as the bolt has been stretched beyond its elastic limit. This is obvious at a glance, a stretched thread section and a drop in diameter, you will know what to look for.

Discard any such bolt as it will surely break when next tightened. All bolts should be cleaned thoroughly, a wire brush or a buff is ideal. Use a thread die and tap if they are available.

Where a tightening torque is specified use a torque wrench. More harm and breakdown is caused by over tightening bolts, lubricate prior to assembling. Always blow out blind stud or bolt holes to make sure that there is no liquid (oil, water, beer) in the hole. Trapped liquid can act like a hydraulic press when the bolt is tightened an can damage parts. Always renew spring an star washers on reassembling.


Bob Terry