Details of Coming Events

 Annual General Meeting and Elections   

8:00pm Friday 4th August

President’s Run

Sunday 6 August:  10:00am start at clubrooms

 Early Morris Rally

Wagga Wagga:   Monday 28 August to Friday 1 September

Creative Hands!

Friday 1 September:  Sandstone sculpting with Sue Gerrand

Get me to the hospital on time!

Sunday 3 September: 9:30am start from clubrooms

Three course Annual Dinner ! !

Friday 6 October  6:30pm  Club Kilsyth

Turn back the clock

Sunday 8 October.  Meet at clubrooms 9:00am

What is your favourite book?

Friday 3 November:  8:00pm at clubrooms

Model aircraft in flight!

Sunday 12 November (note this is second Sunday in November).