Morris Ignition Keys

I had obtained a couple of Ignition/Light switches for the Series E which I was proposing to recondition.

An appropriate starting point seemed to be to try to obtain ignition keys – so I made a trip to the local locksmith.

Having explained what I was about, his first question was, “Morris. How do you spell it?” and having supplied this information the next question was, “Is that a Make or Model?” (Needless to say he was a young fellow – mid twenties or thereabouts).

Armed with this information he went off to consult his computer… result…, “Sorry, it hasn’t come up with anything!”

Having looked at the switch he suggested trying the MRN number, which he duly did, and came back with “It comes up “British Leyland”.

I then explained the connection between Morris and British Leyland so he went off and in about two minutes, produced a key from his computer data – and it worked!
So if you ever have the misfortune to lose your ignition key (how many of us bother with duplicates?) all you need to know is your MRN Number and the two magic words
“British Leyland” and your local locksmith can do the rest.

Cost $9.00 – $12.00 for key!

Typical use: MG T series, Austin and Morris of the 40s and 50s.
Codes run from MRN1 to MRN54.
Cross referenced to American blanks as:
Ilco #: 62DH
Curtis #: B-10, B-11
Taylor #: 62DM

Jim Wilson