Morris Encounters


I purchased my first old Morris for restoration in a dismantled state in June 1977. It took seven years and 2000 hours to bring the car to a new life. It’ s first major outing was the fourth National Rally at Wangaratta in 1984. On a long stiff climb out of Beechworth I had an internal meltdown when the car abruptly stopped right near the summit. My first instincts told me the motor had seized, however it turned out that the fuel had only vaporised.
It was an appealing little car, a trifle low on braking capacity, but with a lively little OHC motor. It attracted quite a bit of attention on the roads. Regrettably as the Minor didn’t accommodate my now grown up family too well, in January 1985 I sold the car to club member Bill McQuiston.

1936 SERIES 11 14/6 SALOON

January 1985 saw the purchase of this pretty English bodied saloon with sliding head. The vehicle came from Willowgrove near Moe and had been in the one family since first purchased. It was one of two 14/6s imported for the 1936/7 motor shows in Australia. Although still registered and running it was in need of a thorough restoration. The small six cylinder motor produced a lovely note, and was ideal for touring conditions as proved on the 6th National rally to Renmark in 1988. Having only a three speed gearbox, it wasn’ t the fastest away from the lights and unless you had a good run at a hill, second gear was where you stayed. With limited time available and waning enthusiasm, in December 1989 I sold the Fourteen to club member Frank Jones, who completed the restoration. The vehicle looks lovely now in all it’s former glory.


After five years Morrisless an opportunity arose and I was able to purchase the model Morris that I have the most affection for. Easter`95 and club member Graham Cowled sold me his part restored 10/4. I am currently very slowly continuing the restoration of this 1292 cc, 4 speed gearbox, huge turning circle saloon. My next area of attack is the timber frame which from past experience I will enjoy doing. There is only a handful of this model in Australia and I think that the finished product should be a good rally car from the point of view of interior size and comfort ably assisted by performance and good hydraulic braking. Time will tell.

Morris Encounters

Bill Allen