Another “NEW” Morris

Just when we thought that there couldn’t be any more old Morrises out there, another comes to light. Prospective member, Trevor Pike, contacted Neil Wakeman to inquire about any Bullnose Morrises that might be for sale. During the course of one conversation, Trevor mentioned that he seen an advertisement for a Bullnose Cowley with a mahogany boat tailed body in a magazine called “Things that Go”. Trevor had looked at the car but decided that it was not really what he wanted. (He subsequently purchased a restored roadster from Mos Upton, in South Australia).

At about the same time, another prospective member, Ian Butler, also asked Neil where he might be able to buy a Bullnose for restoration. Neil put Ian in touch with Trevor and the “Things that Go” magazine, and Ian is now the proud owner of the mahogany bodied car.

Not much is known about the car at this stage. It is a replica of a car pictured in a couple of old books which I have – the car is being driven by “Mr & Mrs W R Morris” who were “enjoying the fun at the Junior Car Club rally at Burford Bridge in April 1919”. The caption goes on to say that “the special polished mahogany body is by Hollick and Pratt of Coventry”.

No doubt UK Register historian, Harry Edwards, will be able to enlighten us a little more about the history of the original car – in the meantime, Ian has started work on his highly unusual replica vehicle, and I for one look forward to the day that it is finished, and on the road.

New Morris 1 New Morris 2

Neil Wakeman