An Unusual Morris

On a recent trip to South Australia Glyn and I were looking round the Peterborough Steamtown Museum – a very interesting place by the way if you have an interest in old railway systems and rolling stock.

In a shed containing a variety of small vehicles used for personnel transportation on the rail system, was a Morris and a most unusual Morris at that. We were told it was a 1936 25 HP Morris which had been modified to run on the old South Australian narrow gauge system. The modifications were extensive as you can see in the photographs, but it was still clearly a Morris.

It appears that South Australian railways had three of these vehicles and they were used by managers or departmental heads to visit various country districts and by the paymaster to deliver pay packets (remember pay packets?) to construction or work gangs working a long way from base.

We were also told that these vehicles could reach 60 mph, it must have been quite an experience going along at this speed without a steering wheel!
Incidentally you can see in the photos that this ‘car’ is minus headlights and the Steamtown museum is anxious to acquire some.

If you can help, or know any possible source of headlights contact

Bruce Madex
Steamtown Museum,
PO Box 133,
Peterborough South Australia 5422

Unusual Morris 1 Unusual Morris 2 Unusual Morris 3